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The Profit Rocket Companies

Profit Rocket Blue Print

CEO: Victor Rancour

The blueprint offers comprehensive team access to our extensive online course catalog, including training materials and documents for business organization and efficiency. It features monthly one-on-one sessions with renowned coach Victor Rancour, a complete solution for document creation, and an exclusive community with member-only coaching calls and a private group for open sharing.

Rocket Books

CEO: Victor Rancour

Our accounting team excels in supporting home service businesses to achieve their peak performance. We provide comprehensive services, from organizing your financial records for clarity and precision to training your team for the challenges of a thriving business. We’re here to help every step of the way!

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Rocket X

CEO: Victor Rancour

Rocket X, led by CEO Victor Rancour, specializes in hosting dynamic events for home service business owners. These events encompass educational sessions from their extensive online course catalog, focusing on business organization and efficiency. Highlights include personal coaching sessions with Victor Rancour and specialized training from Rocket Bookings on managing seasonal business variations. Additionally, the accounting team offers expertise in financial management. These events create a collaborative community for shared learning and growth, ensuring comprehensive support for businesses aiming to thrive.

Rocket-X Marketing

CEO: Victor Rancour

Rocket-X Marketing emerged from CEO Victor Rancour’s frustration with underperforming “experts.” Transforming his HVAC company into a $50 million success in five years, he founded Rocket-X. Focused on practical strategies over empty promises, Rocket-X acts as a dynamic support team, leveraging hard-earned industry insights. They offer a proven roadmap for businesses ready to accelerate growth.

Rocket Bookings

CEO: Chris Badran

Rocket Bookings provides a comprehensive solution for home service companies to tackle shoulder seasons. By combining advanced dialing software, specialized training, and dedicated teams, they offer a mix of outbound calling, inbound overflow, and after-hours services, all integrated into your CRM. This approach ensures consistent opportunities for revenue generation, keeping businesses thriving year-round. Book an appointment today to discover more.

Rocket-X Society the no limits community for home service professionals eager to elevate their businesses and excel personally.

Our $97-a-month membership grants you access to dynamic coaching calls and webinars focusing on business strategy, brand building, resilience through mindset, marketing, leadership, personal and team fitness, recruitment and so much more.

What’s inside our Financials Course Catalog?

What’s inside our Operations Course Catalog?