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TJ Harnett

TJ Harnett

TJ has spent his entire professional career serving others through the Plumbing and HVAC trades. Starting way back in the 90’s as an oil burner apprentice in PA, TJ has allowed his work ethic and his heart of service to others lead the way. After enjoying a very varied and successful career in almost every role possible on the trade side, TJ transitioned to the coaching and training world in 2015. Helping grow others, helping them to avoid the painful mistakes he had to learn the hard way and leading the charge for solution based service have been his constant strengths. Whether it is coaching and training your CSR staff, helping with processes and procedures, creating a better culture or uncovering profit suckers and putting a stop to them, TJ’s ability to transfer skill and build relationships is second to none. It his one and only focus that all he is privileged to serve are left better than they were first encountered and a new relationship is created that will be a long-standing one.

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