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1 to 2 hours of Live HVAC Sales Training

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Note : Topic Change Weekly

Price : $195/MO

Victor Rancour is the CEO of the Profit Rocket Group. He’s known for his knack for his starting and scaling companies, he started Absolute Airflow in Southern California in 2018 and has scaled it to over 50million dollars of residential replacement and service with over 100 employees. He was Voted HVACR Magazine Top 40 under 40 in 2020. He first made his way into the HVAC trade in 2015 where he started as a HVAC tech and quickly realized he has a passion for sales. He won AirTime 500’s top selling tech multiple times, and now teaches his in home sells process to thousands of technicians and salesman nationally.

His passion for not only growing his own companies, but also helping others not have to go through some of the same struggles he did starting out, has lead him to creating the Profit Rocket Business Blueprint a open network for Business Owners who want to ta take their company to the Moon.

Rocket-X Society the no limits community for home service professionals eager to elevate their businesses and excel personally.

Our $97-a-month membership grants you access to dynamic coaching calls and webinars focusing on business strategy, brand building, resilience through mindset, marketing, leadership, personal and team fitness, recruitment and so much more.

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